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Public Company Financials

Public Company Financials and Reporting

We at Advanced Tax Services have in-depth knowledge and experience in assisting public companies to comply with regulatory reporting requirements. We provide assistance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) public company financials reporting, and the completion of various financial documents for filing with regulatory bodies.

Registered with the Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA), we commit ourselves to achieving the highest accounting standards of professional objectivity, audit quality, and technical excellence.

Financial Statements and Review Engagement Services

Also known as the financial report and is a formal documentation of all the financial activities and position of a company. Audited statements are required on an annual basis in Canada under IFRS. Our firm helps with managing audits for your public company.

Audit Management

We ensure that the directives that are board approved are implemented and make any audit a much simpler process. Collaboration and organization is key to a successful audit through risk management and a clear understanding of the government and CRA’s regulations.

Management’s Discussion & Analysis (MD&A)

The Management’s Discussion and Analysis or MD&A refers to an integral part of a financial report that narrates the performance, conditions and prospects of a company and are an integral part of the service provided as it provides an unbiased overview to investors.

Disclosure of Material Changes

Under securities legislation, public companies are expected to record and file for material change reports upon changes in the business, operations or capital of a company that will have an effect on the value of its securities.

Business Acquisition Report (BAR)

Any time a business undergoes a significant acquisition, a BAR must be filed to describe the businesses that it acquired and how they affect the company. We will compile the report accurately and according to the required standards to ensure a swift acquisition process.

Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC)

We will establish accounting and auditing standards as well as manage your shares and securities, and assist in preparing the financial reports to comply with the SEC. We report taxable securities benefits for the organization’s members and manage your stock options.

Certifications and Disclosure Controls and Procedures (DC&P)

Reporting issuers are to provide certifications over DC&P as well as Internal Controls over Financial Reporting or ICFR. These certifications, will represent your company to be fairly presented and that the DC%P is designed and able to operate effectively.

Prospectuses & Information Circulars

As a public company, the prospectus and information circular are required to be provided to shareholders and the public as legal documents that offer details on investment offerings for sale to the public and key points being discussed at shareholders’ meetings.

We welcome the opportunity to be part of your team and help your business reach its financial and compliance objectives. Contact us today to explore what we can do for your company.

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