Income Tax Return

Here’s What You Need to File Your 2022 Income Tax Return

It’s time to file your income tax return for 2022 and the deadline to pay is coming up. Advanced Tax is here to not only file your taxes, but to make sure you get every credit and deduction possible. Here’s a list of most relevant receipts, slips and income records that may apply to you.

Keep in mind that because of COVID-19, you may still be able to claim home office expenses for previous tax years. This does not require a filled T2200 tax form. If you are missing any tax slips, you may be able to access them through the My Account section on the CRA website.

Common Tax Slips Needed to File an Income Tax Return

  • T4 Slips (Employment Income)
  • Employment Insurance Benefits (T4E)
  • Interest, Dividents, Mutual Funds (T3, T5, T5008)
  • Tuition/Education Receipts (T2202A)
  • Universal Child Care Benefit (RC62)
  • Old Age Security and CPP Benefits (T4A-OAS, T4AP)
  • Other Pensions and Annuities (T4A)
  • Social Assistance Payments (T5007)
  • Workers’ Compensation Benefits (T5007)
Income Tax Return

Receipts Used in Filing Your Income Tax Return

  • RRSP contribution receipts
  • Support for a child, spouse or common‐law partner
  • Professional or union dues
  • Tool expenses (Tradespersons)
  • Medical expenses
  • Charitable donations
  • Political contributions
  • Child care expenses
  • Adoption expenses
  • Moving expenses
  • Interest paid on student loans
  • Carrying charges and interest expenses
  • Exams for professional certification
  • Digital news subscription

Other Documentation that Your Accountant May Need

  • Notice of Assessment/Reassessment
  • Canada Revenue Agency correspondence
  • Sale or deemed sale of stocks, bonds or real estate
  • Northern residents’ deductions receipts
  • Rental income and expense receipts
  • Business, farm or fishing income/expenses
  • Automobile / Travel logbook and expenses
  • Disability Tax Credit Certificate
  • Declaration of Conditions of Employment
    T2200 or T2200S)
  • Volunteer Firefighters certification
  • Search and Rescue volunteer’s certification
  • Custody Arrangement documentation

Employment Expenses that Can Be Claimed

If you have a filled T2200 form, there are many expenses related to your employment that you can claim. Here is a list of the most common expenses that you can claim, provided you have the receipts:

Regular Expenses

  • Accounting & Legal Fees
  • Food & Beverages
  • Accomodation & Hotels
  • Parking
  • Supplies
  • Other Expenses
  • Advertising/Promotion*
  • Entertainment*

*Commission Employees Only

Home Office Expenses

  • Electricity
  • Heating
  • Water/Utilities
  • Strata
  • Insurance*
  • Property Taxes*

*Commission Employees Only

Make sure to also provide the area used for business in the home and the total area.

Vehicle Expenses

  • Fuel & Gas
  • Maintenance & Repairs
  • Insurance
  • License & Registration
  • Leasing Costs
  • Interest Payments

Make sure to also bring info on:

  • Vehicle Make, Model & Year
  • KM Used for Business
  • Total KM Driven in the Tax Year

If your vehicle is owned, provide the purchase price, date of purchase and current value. For leased vehicles, bring information on when the lease started, ends, and the list price.

Rental Income & Expenses

If you are renting out a property and collecting income, you need to claim it on your income tax return. Make sure you have information on the property, co-owners, the total rental income, and any percentage used for personal use. Claimable expenses include advertising, insurance, interest, office expenses, legal, accounting, and other professional fees. You may have also had to incur management & administration fees, maintenance and repair costs, property taxes, travel expenses, and utility costs. Having documentation for these items reduces the amount of tax you will owe when filing your return.

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