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Types of Income Assistance in Canada

Ways Canada Provides Income Assistance Canadians have access to various government programs and initiatives that provide financial support when in need of income assistance. They come into play when individuals or families are going through financial hardship or can’t meet basic needs. Provincial governments offer their own programs as well which vary across different provinces […]

Home Office Expenses in Canadian Tax

Home Office Expenses for Employees & Self-Employed Individuals When an individual uses a space in their home to conduct business activities, whether it’s for employment or their own business, they are able to claim certain expenses on an income tax return. Home office expenses include work-space-in-the-home expenses, office supplies, and specific phone expenses. Keeping track […]

Canadian Federal Budget 2023 Highlights

Highlights from the Canada Federal Budget 2023 On March 28, 2023, the Deputy Prime Minsiter and Minister of Finance delivered the 2023 Federal Budget. Named the “A Made-In-Canada Plan”, this budget emphasizes economic growth, public healthcare, and incentives for businesses to pursue clean energy. Read about some of the notable highlights here. Proposals to Employee […]