Virtual Bookkeeping and How it Works

What is Virtual Bookkeeping? Cloud, remote, or virtual bookkeeping is when an accountant or bookkeeper provides services remotely. Cloud-based softwares make this all possible and is much more flexible for the business. Technically, there aren’t significant differences between virtual and regular bookkeeping except that the client doesn’t ever need to see the accountant and bookkeepers […]

Basic Bookkeeping Tips for a Small Business

Bookkeeping Tips for a Small Business in 2023 Bookkeeping refers to recording financial transactions and is a vital part of the accounting process for any organization. Preparing source documents for transactions, operations, and other events involving finances are all part of it. Transactions could include purchases, sales, receipts, and payments made by the business or […]

Vacation Pay & Entitlement in Canada

Vacation Pay and Entitlement Per the Canada Labour Code Federally regulated employees in Canada have standards that are described in the Canada Labour Code. It sets minimum standards for employers to follow involving annual vacation entitlement, vacation pay, and general holidays. If your collective employment agreement or other work arrangement has rights that are equal […]